MATH-CLUB meetings follow a general format. Presentations last about an hour, including questions. The lecturer usually presents a problem, then defines terms, builds theorems, then solves the problem.
Mathematics and Humor
Matt Beller

DVD Taping: Math in Futurama
Dr. Sarah Greenwald

Information Overload: Discovering Simple Patterns in Complex Data
Dr. Lawrence Saul

An Evening at the Magic Castle
Dr. Arthur Benjamin

Counting on Fibonacci Numbers
Dr. Arthur Benjamin

Mathematical Notation for Juggling
Dr. William Murray

Breaking Codes and Doing the Impossible Using Quantum Computers
Dr. Dave Bacon

Is Complete Disorder Possible?
Dr. Ronald Graham

The Mathematics of Peg Solitaire
Dr. Amber Rosin

Mathematical Morsels from The Simpsons and Futurama
Dr. Sarah Greenwald and Dr. Andrew Nestler

Computational Origami
Mike Murphy

Graciela Chichilnisky's Mathematics of Diversity
Danielle Parsons

Math Olympiad Problems
Roni Brunn

Turing Machines and Some of the Introductory Material Preceding Them
Andy Jones

A Random Selection of Problems in Probability
David X. Cohen

Let the Good Lord Shine a Light on Me: Quantum Theory for Dummies
Ken Cooper

An Introduction to Graph Theory
Matt Warburton

Subdivision of a Square
Ken Keeler

Pancake Sorting
David X. Cohen

A Mathematical Model for Addiction and Behavior
Roni Brunn

Surreal Numbers
Stewart Burns

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