People who like books and stories have movies, libraries, and even book clubs to amuse them. Those interested in math and logic have and the occasional brain teaser at the back of in-flight magazines.

MATH-CLUB was formed to engage a group of LA's math-inclined people in analytical discussions in an easy going atmosphere.

The club got rolling under suitably informal circumstances -- its founder, Roni Brunn, brought up the idea for a math club at a bar and was lucky enough to do so within ear shot of a friend, Matt Warburton, who liked the concept and thought of others who would as well. Soon after that, we had our first math club meeting.

Stewart Burns lectured on a Sunday afternoon in September, 2002, to a crowd that included David X. Cohen, Kirsten Roeters, April Pesa, Ken Keeler, Daisy Gardner, Sean Gunn, James Eagan, and, of course, Matt, using most horizontal surfaces at Roni's apartment as seating.

Because many of those most actively involved with MATH-CLUB do have writing credits at shows like "The Simpsons" and "Futurama," some assume the club is only the province of professional Hollywood writers. In fact, the club as a whole is a diverse group of people who punch the clock as professors, computer programmers, musicians, actors, designers, journalists, and documentarians.

Similarly, people come to meetings with a wide range of math backgrounds. Some of the members have advanced degrees in math and have been published; some are recreational users of math. People do ask questions and explore the topic as a group. We kick off each meeting with a cocktail party.

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